Blog: Visiting Pleasantdale School—West Orange, NJ

cropped-Pleasantdale-School-Visit.pngOn April 24th I had the pleasure of returning to the Pleasantdale School in West Orange, NJ for Poem in Your Pocket Day. I shared my poetry with the children and they shared their poetry with me!  A real poetry win-win.  You can read more about my day at Pleasantdale  here, on the West Orange Public Schools website. What follows are the the poems the children and I wrote together.  I know you will agree…they are FANTASTIC!

The House

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Students

The house was big

The mouse in the house

There was a good man

The rat is fat

The fox in the box

I sat on the couch

I have a box

The big bat flew away

I forgot my sox

The fat rat sat


The Food Festival

4th & 5th Grade Students


Food gives us something to eat

Fruits are so delicious

I eat Chocolate Chip Cookies

I like cheese Pizza

I bake a delicious cake

The Zebra will be eaten

We have a big feast

Burgers are good to eat

Fries will make you Fat

Bacon makes Kevin feel better


 We’re ALL Different

2nd & 3rd Grade Students


Waterslides are fun

Apples are sweet

It would be smart to swim not sink

Shine bright like a diamond

Smart as reading

A drink of water is good for you

A link is pink

Guests are fun

Think like Albert Einstein

Hearts are wonderful

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