Middle Grade


Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 7.22.03 PMDear Diary,

E. P. Thompson here.

Worst. Year. Ever. First semester in sixth grade, and my best friend Debbie has dropped me because my boobs aren’t big enough. Well, she didn’t say that exactly, but I just know that’s the reason. Then I got paired with Adam Berry, the biggest pencil-protecting geek of the decade, for the never-ending, semester-long math project. And as if that’s not bad enough, Thomas Maxwell, the cutest boy in my grade, only pays attention to me when I’m making a total fool of myself. Ugh.

Weirdest thing of all: it seems Lucas C. Tanner Middle School has a full-on, bona fide thief! Now all the teachers are going crazy and all the students are too, because Mrs. Peule has promised to make this year a living nightmare until the culprit is caught. We have to find out who is ruining sixth grade. Like, now!

Well, at least the criminal activity has taken the focus off my lack of bra ownership. Sigh.

I have to go. I’ll write again soon. Promise.

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Brooks Brooks, president and owner of Brooks Brooks Publishing has a terrible secret he’s been keeping his whole life.  Spoiled daughter, Raphaella Brooks, a middle schooler with too much money and too much time, is convinced she is her parents worst nightmare, so she devises a plan to run away.  Her plan gets foiled when Mrs Whatsit, a long-loved character from the classic novel A Wrinkle in Time shows up.   The unlikely pair become friends and during their time travels, as they “tesser” from a planet named Dafonella to a planet named Dink, Raphaella discovers quite a bit about herself, atrocities of the world, and her father’s secret too.

If you loved A Wrinkle in Time, you will love Nothing is Impossible.  You will remain captivated as Raphaella travels this magical journey where she learns how help her father and herself at the same time.

Word Count: 25,000 Status:  All Rights Available


Ingenium Martin is an 11-year-old genius with a plan that will change life as you know it. She is tired of being labeled, or as she calls it, boxed and bowed, as Ingenium the Genius.  She wants her friends, her teachers and even her parents to let her out of the box.  And she is pretty sure Caitlin Janes, a cool, chronic cheater, wants to be let out too.  So the girls use their upcoming test on rocks to conduct a “social experiment.” Will anyone believe Ingenium cheated on a test or Caitlin nabbed an A?  Their teacher, Mrs. Ideal, doesn’t.  Mr. Castro, school principal, must intervene and get to the bottom of the events in Mrs. Ideal’s fourth grade class.  Watch what happens when Ingenium and Caitlin shed their labels and let each other out of the box.

Word Count: 16,000  Status: All Rights Available