When fourth-grader Ingenium Martin becomes fed up with her nickname, Ingenium the Genius, she sets out to shake things up. Along the way, though, she discovers a bigger problem in her school: she’s not the only kid forced to wear an unwanted label. With the help of her former nemesis, Caitlin Janes, the girls conduct a social experiment that will flip the entire fourth grade upside down.

Can the school survive the fourth grade flip?


Brooks Brooks, president and owner of Brooks Brooks Publishing has a terrible secret he’s been keeping his whole life.  Spoiled daughter, Raphaella Brooks, a middle schooler with too much money and too much time, is convinced she is her parents worst nightmare, so she devises a plan to run away.  Her plan gets foiled when Mrs Whatsit, a long-loved character from the classic novel A Wrinkle in Time shows up.   The unlikely pair become friends and during their time travels, as they “tesser” from a planet named Dafonella to a planet named Dink, Raphaella discovers quite a bit about herself, atrocities of the world, and her father’s secret too.

If you loved A Wrinkle in Time, you will love Nothing is Impossible.  You will remain captivated as Raphaella travels this magical journey where she learns how help her father and herself at the same time.

Word Count: 25,000 Status:  All Rights Available