People can change…like the colors in a sunset.

When young widow Ali Mitchell Ford heads to Butterfly Bay for the summer, she expects peace, quiet, and time to rejuvenate. Instead, she runs head-on into the hurricane force of her mother when she discovers the house her parents insisted she rent, the grandest home on the island, comes with its own built-in-man, Brooker Knight, a wealthy entrepreneur who hopes to heal the gaping hole in his own heart.

Ali’s first instinct is to run. But to where? Living with her parents would be a heart attack in the making and she has already sublet her place. Out of options, she is forced to endure the Great Summer Share with Brooker and his soon-to-be fiancée, the newest face of a luxury makeup empire.

Can a mystical, elderly woman, a furry rescue dog, and the healing waters of Butterfly Bay help Ali and Brooker recognize true transformation can only come when the desire for change exceeds the comforts of what is keeping them stuck, or will they be strangled by grief forever?

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After dumping her dead-end boyfriend, Madeline Jane Simcox leaves Nashville and an unsuccessful songwriting career to move back home. She vows to give up both men and music forever. Life in Crowns Grove, Connecticut with her mother and sister Jane will be quieter. Simpler.

But she can’t escape the music. Not when she’s hired as a substitute music teacher at the local elementary school, and not when a radio station announces a contest to find a new Christmas song. Even better, it’s organized by handsome Kentucky transplant and fellow teacher Travis Montgomery, whose twang is warm enough to melt the winter snow. But Maddy didn’t move home to meet a man, especially one tied to her old nemesis. Her head tells her to stay away, but her heart speaks a different language.

After an unexpected burst of creative energy, Maddy writes a catchy Christmas song. Against her better judgement, she enters it in the contest, forcing her to risk it all.

Can she handle the spotlight one more time?

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TM COVERA captivating love story about a normal love affair in an abnormal world. This Moment strings together the ordinary and extraordinary moments in the lives of Ryan McGuire and Lydia Errico, moving the couple from dating to marriage to family, leaving us forever filled with equal parts inspiration and devastation…Ryan McGuire spends nearly his entire life on the up-end of a lucky streak, a concept he is okay with, until he meets Lydia Errico and is intrigued by her passion, candor and sexy ankles. Lydia challenges Ryan, for the first time in his life, to question the value of luck. While not sold on the concept, Ryan is sold on Lydia. Together they provide a glimpse into a love so deep, so strong, it has the power to sustain unimaginable heartbreak. Ryan and Lydia’s unique love will linger in our souls forever.

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“Well written and complete with a charming cast of family and friends, THIS MOMENT is good for those who enjoy love stories that go further…” – Kindle Book Review

“A beautiful piece of women’s fiction.” Candy Beauchamp – “Candy’s Raves”

“If you enjoy fantastic fiction with memorable characters and a keen writing, you’ll want to pick up This Moment.” Wendy L. Hines – “Minding Spot”

“…a wonderfully compelling read that will have you eager to turn the page.” Kirsty Maclennan – “I Heart Books”