Blog: West Essex Senior High School Visit

West Essex.jpgWhat a great afternoon I had visiting with Ms. Garvey’s students at the West Essex Senior High School.  Ms. Garvey contacted me after the article “Good Nutrition as an Art” appeared in the Star Ledger.  She just completed a unit with her students on healthy eating and invited me to her class to recite from my book Poems on Fruits and Odes to Veggies.  We popped grapes.  We talked about fruits and vegetables.  We all agreed that a banana can look like a cell phone!  And the students were eager listeners!  Finally, as a group, we wrote a poem called Silly Old Poem.  Here we all are standing in front of the poem we wrote!  We look like we’re having a good time, don’t we?  Here is a shout out to Michael, Donald, Kerrilyn, Lauren, Ms. Garvey and Mrs. DelliPaoli!  I really enjoyed meeting you all today!  Keep eating those healthy foods!

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